Outwards opening balcony doors are produced on individual measurement, single or double sashed. A balcony is equipped with a both side handle.

An installed blockade makes it possible to stop a sash at an optional position. Anti-theft fittings are available on request. Two types of doorsteps are available in balconies – merbau wood (57 mm), composite (28 mm) or aluminium (25 mm).

Balcony doors such as windows are made from a high quality laminated pine wood. Doors are equipped with double handles. For increasing safety a cylinder may be installed one-sidedly or on both sides.

The surface of balconies is covered with high quality acrylic paint TEKNOS.
All RAL and NCS colors are available as well as azure colors with a visible wood structure.
Depending on a profile, windows may be equipped with a pane set from 24 up to 48 mm with a U-value for glass from 1,1 up to 0,5 W/m2K.

Balcony windows are made in two types of profiles:  95 and 109 mm and with aluminium cladding.