Balcony sliding doors is a simple construction, the characteristic of which is high reliability. Sliding doors are made on individual order. The variety of opening ways:

  • two sash with one sliding sash
  • three sash with one sliding sash
  • four-sash with two sliding

It possible to produce sliding doors up to 6000 mm-wide. Sliding door is equipped with a both side handle that may be blocked at a favourable position as well as with three types of doorstep: merbau, composite or aluminium. Sliding doors are made from high quality laminated wood pine. For increasing safety cylinder can be installed one-sidedly or on both side. The surface of balconies is covered with high quality acrylic paint TEKNOS. All RAL and NCS colours are available as well as azure colours with a visible wood structure.

Depending on a profile sliding doors can be equipped with a pane set ranging from 24 up to 48 mm with U-value from 1,1 up to 0,5 W/m2K.